Get operational support that will take your business to the top 🤘📈

Strategic Direction

Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely. Starting and growing a business is tough, but with our expert advice you'll ensure your business is well-placed to navigate those challenges and grow.

Operational Support

We specialise in the startup and small business world. We can work with you to put effective systems and business processes in place - delivering scalable growth and kickstarting your business.

Digital Transformation

We're experienced in technology and know how to use it to drive optimum results. We can guide you, or fully deliver, your digital transformation and put in place effective, automated systems to generate real business value.

How we work with startups to unlock their potential

We spend times with founders and entrepreneurs to learn about their business, goals, and customers.

We analyse the business and its existing processes. This is a collaborative step in which we work with the entrepreneur to identify any problem areas or opportunities for growth.

Armed with a plan of action, Lemur Consulting works with the entrepreneur to implement the changes that will ensure the business is able to unlock its full potential.

We care about the businesses we work with and consider ourselves a part of your time. We’ll remain a resource available to you and will provide ongoing help and support. Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely, but with Lemur Consulting, you’ll always have the backing of our team.