IT Operations and Services

Cloud Services

The cloud isn't the future, it's the present. We specialise in the deployment, management and monitoring of mission-critical cloud services. It's vital that your cloud services are highly available - but that can be a headache for startups and small businesses. That's where we come in.

Managed IT Support

We can offer a range of services spanning the entire IT stack, whether it's we're experienced in the deployment, ongoing maintenance and monitoring of mission-critical Infrastructure.

IT Operations

We've helped a variety of startups and small businesses stand up their IT operations and systems. We deploy business applications and services to help you achieve success.

Save time and money. Achieve your goals.

By working with Lemur Consulting, you can rest assured that our passionate team will help you deliver on your big ambitions. Let us take care of the tech, while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

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